Tips in Shooting Wedding Moments on a Rainy Day

There is magic in Rains. That lovely overcast skies, the pitter-patter swishing rains, the refection of the city in small puddles, and everything just simply livening up. Rains, and there is spurring romance in the air. And for any Austin wedding photography  there is tremendous challenges but rains are also a delight. If the rains can’t stop a wedding, it only means that the photographer has wonderful task on hand! Rains on wedding days are like showers of blessings; it brings in luck and blessings for the couple. As a photographer one just has to be prepared for that rainy day, and well the end results are worth a million. Here are some simple tips for amateur wedding photographers, which will keep you going on the big day:

Wedding PhotosExplore the Wedding Location

It is best to explore the wedding location prior to the big day. This will help you with understanding the light situation and also vision out the big day. Anticipate a change in weather, which will also help with backdrops that can be used outdoors and indoors. Knowing the wedding location will help you guide your subjects and capturing the event better.

Use the Natural Surroundings

Rains give you some awesome photo opportunities, with wonderful skylines, the rains zigzagging away, the foggy feel, the beautiful reflections in puddles and the overcast skies. Try and make the best use of natural surroundings to capture your subjects, so even discomfort you will find that the dramatic effects are worth your effort.

Essentials to carry

Keep a check on the weather forecast and prepare well for the rains. A few essentials, which a photographer will consider carrying for the event in case it rains, umbrellas, rain boots, a change of clothes, plastic bags/sheets for gear and for your subjects to be standing or seated for your photo shoot and towels. Keep your rain essentials backpack list update.

Basic Techniques for the rainy day

The basics, which you have learnt and explored, can be extended for the rainy day. Know your ISO, shutter speed, aperture, depth of field and practice it on overcast days, this will help you a big way on that special day. Raise your ISO, remember to use the widest aperture, use of flash from behind your subjects, a shallow depth of field and the shutter speed, which freezes and captures the rain as it is falling on your subjects.

Act quick and check for Rain Breathers

The subjects may not wish to be in the rain for very long, which means you have a small time slice for your photo shoot in the rains. Be considerate, act quick and also look out for rain breathers so that you can use the magic of the moment. As a best Austin wedding photographers, you need to try capturing your subjects under awnings, porches, hallways, atriums, and tree coverings. Be patient with difficult weather, enjoy the moment and keep clicking.

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